The Commerce Bank pen

I think it's fair to say that I own the crown in my family for "Company Schwag" owner and giver. Google stuff for everyone! Well, although Google notepads, t-shirts, and umbrellas will be continued to be given out to my friends and family -- The company my brother-in-law works for, Commerce Bank, takes the cake for most distribution ever by a single piece of company schwag.

The Blue Commerce Bank Pen is EVERYWHERE. (except on the web, as I searched for an image of one for the last 20 minutes) It's at the point now where Amy and I are shocked if we receive our completed credit card charges not accompanied by "the Blue Commerce Bank pen."

Any situation that calls for a pen - Commerce Bank is there! Has anyone else noticed this? (And if you haven't yet -- you will now - I just read in Ad Age that 20 million Commerce bank pens, in fact, will be distributed in 2006.)

Commerce Bank used to be known to me as the place open 7 days a week where you can exchange your coins for dollars for free. Now it's the place with the magical re-appearing pen (and the company that my brother-in-law works for).

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Anonymous said...

What's this Google stuff????Commerce is new to Florida and I haven't seen the pen yet, but I'll be on the lookout! ( sorry for the e-mail message- I'm new at this)

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