Why I Don't Like Live Concerts

Last night I went to go see the second live concert with my wife in our 10 year relationship (thanks Blake!).  She loves concerts; Me - not so much.  Even by typing that I feel like I should be embarrassed somewhat by that statement.  "Who doesn't love live music?"  (ME!)

Here are my reasons why:
1) I grew up loving Hip-Hop.  
Live Hip-Hop isn't even close to as enjoyable on your ears as produced Hip-Hop.Freestyle battles aside - there is far less quality of music in the execution of the lyrics, rhythm, etc.  I've seen every rapper you'd want to see live (Biggie, Wu-Tang, Jay-Z, Eminem, Nas, Vanilla Ice) ;) and none of them conjure any kind of over-the-top memory.
2) I've never really fantasized about being on a concert stage
Watching people at the concert last night, you see the passion when they know every word or stare enviously at the stage day-dreaming about them being in that position.
3) Logistics and cost
Getting concert tickets are never easy or always expensive.  Do you ever really get the seats you want?  Traveling to a concert is never stress-free.  If you're driving you're not drinking and if you're taking mass transit - you're a cattle who has better had taken their patience pills.  I'd personally rather save this type of over-priced, logistical nightmare for sporting events.
4) Restrictive Fun Zone
If I wanted to hang out with people who liked the same music and knew the same songs as me - I'd much rather go to a club and hang out with these people in that setting/venue than some enormous stadium that may or may not have people sitting/standing who each get a 10 inch seat to sit on.  If you've seen me dance - I need more than 20 square inches of room to let break it down.
5) The Always Scripted "Encore"
Seriously - don't say "Thanks so much for coming out - Drive Safe" and then play 30 more minutes afterwards.  The first 20 times someone did that -- fine -- it was decent shock value in 1974.  In 2013, it's just lame and for me it's a sure-fire way to leave me annoyed at the end.

I'm sure there are bands or groups that defy my rationale.  I have a lot of friends who probably can't understand why I feel this way.  I, personally, just don't happen to be into those groups or music genre (again - outside of freestyle hip-hop -- Shout out to FreeStyle Love Supreme who I've seen over 10 times live and enjoyed every time).

This all said -- I can tell you from going to concerts when the performer is crazy-talented.  I have now seen Bruno Mars twice in concert - and he definitely is crazy-talented with a great voice.

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