10 years at Google

I started my Google job 3654 days ago.  10 years at the same company is rare these days, however, just as rare are companies as renowned or historic as the one I work for.  

Here are 10 random thoughts about the last 10 years working at Google:

1) After 10 years - I'm still impressed with the food perks this company gives.  I still love telling people what I was deciding between that day (the duck or the skirt steak as an example).
2) I believe I was the first "Brett" at Google.  There are now apparently 46 others.
3) Almost all of the people I work with are incredibly impressive and smart.  I've worked at companies where you feel like not everyone is on your "same wavelength."  Not here.  That's an amazing thing and only a company like Google can continuously pull it off.
4) I sell digital advertising but I really don't consider myself a "saleguys sales guy."  I feel very fortunate that I truly believe in what I talk to advertisers about every day:  I can help improve their business.  Google's ad solutions is one of the most "relevant" targeting around today - and it should only get better in the future.  When I ask customers for more money (which is what all sales people do) - I don't feel bad about it because I genuinely think it's the best choice they can make AND in my 10 years here I have yet to feel like an advertiser is giving us the right share of their advertising budget.  I really enjoy this aspect of working at Google.
5) I'm a rare employee at Google.  10 years here and 10 years working with retail advertisers.  Most people who've been here for a while cover many different aspects of the business.  I've had 3 different jobs and gotten promoted several - but all of them covered retailer advertisers for the most part.
6)  (Common question) After 10 years here -- I still have no pull in hiring processes.  Sorry - I can't talk to someone to help you get a job.  I'm happy to talk to you about the company culture and beliefs, though.  
7) (Common question) On a similar topic - Sorry - but I can't tell you how to get to #1 on the Google search results of the keyword of your choice.  I can tell you how the ad system works, though.
8) (Common question) The founders have no idea who I am.  I've met them each a couple of times but I'm not in any of the same meetings they are.  I'm OK with this.
9)  I'm a pre-IPO employee but that doesn't mean that I made millions.  People assume that I've been at Google for 10 years and so I must be "loaded."  Not true.  I'm not complaining about the financial benefits of being here 10 years - but the perception is vastly exaggerated.
10) There is still a great sense of pride telling people that I work at Google.  I'm very proud of this company and the mission it's trying to accomplish and the way it's attempting to do so.  The fact that my soon-to-be 97 year old Grandma talks to me about what she read in the paper about Google (and she has no clue what the internet is) is amazing.  I love that.  

In 2003, it was very different than it is today.  Some things good and some things not as good - but again - I feel very fortunate for having worked at this place for the last 10 years.  Who knows what the next 10 will bring - but if it's anything like that last 10 - I'll be really happy.

Thanks Google.

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Unknown said...

Hey Brett!!
Enjoyed your blog n your journey with "GOOGLE" for 10 yrs, I hope your nxt 10 yrs will do much better than the past....
- Ashish

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