Entertaining is the New Effective

There is a guy, Adam, at work who works in facilities.  (Facilities at our offices deals with building related stuff - maintence, conference rooms, etc) I've never officially met him, never even had a conversation with him. 

Before Adam, there was Carl.  Carl did a similar thing - but was more focused on cafeteria/food responsibilities.  Ditto on never meeting or interacting with him at all.

What the heck am I talking about?

Well both Carl and Adam wrote (and in Adam's case still writes) the most entertaining emails I get in a given week.  The topics border on filtering straight to the trash (meaning I don't have high interest in them), but due to the fact that I have laughed out loud from their emails multiple times in the past -- I'm reading them without question - and I really don't care what their about.  Adam writes an email almost every other week telling the NY office that the elevator is broken.  He makes up long elaborate stories on how The Elevator called in sick, or will write an email in Yoda's voice explaining why elevator working is not today.  No matter what -- I'll read it.  And why is it important? 

Well because when the company wants me to read his email on topics like swine flu prevention or fire safety .... Guess what ... I read them (and I'm not even annoyed by it).  He's got me as a loyal fan - and he's effective at his job because of it.

Marketers should do this! Rather than pay ad agencies all this money for "the killer idea" every other year ... pay some comedians to write emails/twitter messages/whatever and promote it.  Every once in a while, include a message you want me to read.

If I followed my twitter feed (which I don't) and Jim Gaffigan tweeted about Siera Mist every once in a while (which he used to be a spokesman for) - I wouldn't mind.  I may even crave a Siera Mist (or a Sprite - but whatever).
When the Sports guy and Cousin Sal talk insecently about getting beaten with a Subway sub (which I do find as a lame penalty for losing a bet) - I really don't mind that they're talking about it.  They've entertained me - and I like that - and will continue to follow them...


Greg March said...

if only there was an ad agency that created Sportscenter commercials and stuff like this http://bit.ly/65nyLX

that would be awesome

Brian said...

I love Jim Gaffigan

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