Reminder - NO DELTA out of JFK

This is more of a reminder to myself (any Amy) than a true blog post ... I never want to fly Delta out of JFK again. While it feels like every airline sucks these days, and traveling is such a crap shoot .... The terminal at JFK that Delta operates out of is the shit-show of all shit-shows... The chaos that intertwines check-in traffic with the confusing long line for departures with no method behind the madness is crazy ... I just don't want to experience that again ... and Amy and I have experienced it collectively about 3 or 4 times - so I just want to learn from my life experiences.

Feel free to take the advice, obviously ... but even if it's cheaper on Delta, I believe the Jetblue experience is well worth the $30 or whatever.... At this point I'm willing to spend the money for much less airport stress.

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Kara said...

Tip: physically walk out of terminal 2 and walk outside in the cold to terminal 3. Nobody is there and you can get to the same gates.

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