Noise Compensation

(Sorry for the 2 week delay in posts ... been focusing on boxing and traveling)

There is a new Gansavort Hotel being built across the street from my apartment. Before that, there were 2 luxury buildings being built on the other side of the street of where they're building the hotel (Which blocked our view of the Empire State Building btw)...

Manhattan is a crowded place - and noise comes with the territory. Sirens, car honking, the occasional street work, and drunk people yelling at 2 AM on Tuesday nights are standard and to be expected. You actually learn to block all these things out.

What I can't figure out how to block out, however, is the ridiculous drilling, jack-hammering, and banging at 7 AM every day except Sunday. (And yes - I have a feeling that if a high-ranking government official lived in my building - that a 7 AM start-time would suddenly be moved to 10AM..)

And - I'm not talking about a month or two...It's been going on for over a year already... And while I understand that the investment of having these luxury buildings and fancy hotels across the street from me help us in the long-run -- it doesn't help the present day pain.

I think the Gansavort should give us something. Free massages, free nights stay, or whatever once the hotel is finally built. This is no way even close to an equal exchange in value - but - I feel like there should be SOME gesture. A gesture that says - "we know we were a pain in the ass for a while - please don't hate us forever for it." If the city is doing extended street-work that inconveniences residents for an extend period of time - they should give them free Metrocards or a free week of tolls... Again - it's less about the value exchange and more about the principal. Am I crazy?

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