I spent this past week in Las Vegas for what has to be one of the worlds biggest corporate trade shows around... Over 200,000 people were estimated to be at this years Consumer Electronics Show (CES). It was my first time going to the show floor held at the Las Vegas Convention Center...

On the gadget side ... the two coolest things I saw were from Panasonic...
1) A 150 inch Flat screen LCD TV. The Panasonic booth rep told me it would most likely be retailed at $65K to $70K ... Seemed a bit steep for me, but then again, people do buy $200K cars. Enormous $65K LCD TVs could be next.
2) A Portable DVR. No longer will we apparently have to be forced into watching our "TIVO'd" shows in our living room ... We will be able to watch these shows on planes too ... Will be interesting to see if this hurts the "TV Show on DVD" market...

The major consumer gadget themes I saw were all centered around:
1) TV/Computer screen integration (TVs as more than standard TV)
2) A huge presence of various In-vehicle technology like Navigation systems, etc
3) Video Games

Other than that -- what was probably the most dominating theme was just how many people were at this show. It is set-up as a "buyer-seller" show (where retailers, etc buy new products from manufacturers), but I think it's been transformed into more than that... Regular Joe's (well, to be fair, "regular gadget nerds" is probably a better description) are in droves now. Media folks like myself are now fairly standard as well.

All in all, if your business relates to the CE industry, I'd recommend going once ... But no need to stay too long ... 48 hours is more than enough (as seems to be the case generically for Vegas anyhow)...

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