Growing up -- I always enjoyed a good boxing match. To be fair - I grew up primarily watching a combination of Rocky Balboa and a young (and yet to be unleashed into public life) Mike Tyson...

There is something about THE SPORT OF BOXING that I very much respect. It's probably one of the oldest sports known to man...a competition of both physical and mental strength, quickness, and stamina.

THE BUSINESS OF BOXING is what has officially ruined THE SPORT.
No fight is without suspect of being fixed (especially in the heavy-wight class). Anyone who has actually paid the $100+ to buy a fight on Pay-per-view - has at some point been burned by a First-round knock-out disappointment...

Regardless, I have always wanted to go to a live pro boxing match. It's an experience I believe that most likely cannot be replicated on TV... So ... There is a big fight (one that should have happened 8 years ago) at MSG this Saturday night: Roy Jones Jr. vs. Felix Trinidad.
I don't have big plans tomorrow night - so I looked into getting tickets. Tickets apparently range from $500 - $1500 per seat!! Now - I happen to have a connection who is able to get a nice discount on the tickets -- but honestly -- the price is STILL too steep... Perhaps the only way I'm going to get to see a boxing match in person is if someone else picks up the tab (business related perhaps)...

Until then - I guess I'll sit and watch the UFC eat further into Boxing's market-share.

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