Rooms 2 Go - Marketing Success Story

This is my personal blog. I write about things that are on my mind or that occur in my life outside of work. While I may blog about cool new Google features or tools that I believe could add value to my friends lives, I don't think I've truly ever blogged about my day-to-day job.

Well - I am very proud of something - so looks like that trend is going to end.

For the last few years, I've put a lot of time and energy into trying to convince multi-channel retailers that online marketing isn't only great for driving online sales, but that it can also drive substantial brick-and-mortar store sales as well.

After a number of quality client success stories - we finally got a multi-channel marketer to publicly share it's success. The retailer, Rooms 2 Go, and the account team that worked on the campaigns were absolutely fantastic throughout the whole process, and I hope the client finds even greater success in the future.

Here is a news article that Internet Retailer published yesterday (where yours truly is quoted). Just wanted to share as it was something I was very proud of....


Philoking said...

Congrats on the success Brett, I met you @ Google yesterday and had a great time there. Thanks again and I enjoyed meeting you. I gave you a mention on my blog @ http://www.philoking.com

See ya around the web
Jason Burns

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