Trader Woe's

On Sunday night, Amy and I motivated to do an evening grocery run after dinner… We are for the most part, loyal Fresh Direct customers, but we thought we’d try out Trader Joe’s.

At around 8:00 at night, the place was fairly hopping. (and by hopping I mean “a very stressful place to try and leisurely grocery shop) Trader Joe’s is known (in my mind) for it’s customer-friendly pricing and it’s nature-friendly foods… I didn’t price-compare all that much, but as a generic theme – I found the prices to be more than fair. Amy agreed. Other than that, though, that’s all of the positive things I have to say about my experience.

Here are the top 3 more annoying things that stand out duing my Trader Joe's experience:
  1. The aisles are big enough to MAYBE fit two shopping carts. If one person is looking at a product, it's tough to pass them. If multiple people are going down an aisle at once - get ready to tango...
  2. Speaking of over-crowded drama -- the lines are so long, that the rap into grocery aisles one through three. So, there you are, FINISHED with the process of stressful grocery shopping - and now you have to wait on an ultra-long line and battle on-coming traffic of other shoppers.
  3. Everything is Organic - there is nothing "standard" in their entire product mix. If I am health conscious, but enjoy Diet Coke every once in a while -- I've got to go to another store for that. This isn't what I would call a "convenience"

To sum up -- I had high expectations of Trader Joe's which were certainly not met. The drama of shopping in that atmosphere for select products was not worth the potential savings to me...

On the flip side, you'll hear no complaints from me about Trader Joe's Wine Shop. Where else can you buy 4 bottles of wine for less than $15 (yes I said bottles and not "boxes") ?? The wine isn't half bad either... Just be sure - that all people with you while you are buying wine have ID with them. Amy forgot hers one time, which prompted them to say they couldn't sell to us... Amy ran out of the store (which made it wierd), but they ended up giving in...

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