Vegas Nuances

While in Vegas, there were a handful of things that stood out at me. Yes, beyond the obvious non-stop drinking and gambling going on - there were subtle things that I noticed. For example:

1) A 100 dollar bill was more common to see than a $20. And this is not becuase I'm a high roller. Anytime there is an exchange for money that is greater than $100 - you are almost certain to receive a $100 dollar bill. From the ATM, Cacino "cage" or anywhere else....What other place does this happen? I couldn't help but think that my wallet seemed unuasually light (which it typically is in Vegas), but it was only because I'd be carrying MAYBE 3 bills in total....

2) Taxi lines EVERYWHERE. Before leaving New York airports, I had never before waited in line to take a taxi. In Vegas, I feel like Taki lines are a law in Las Vegas - right up there with Prostitution and legal drinking ANYWHERE.

3) Speaking of the law - I have never seen a police officer in Las Vegas. Although my buddy DooDoo Brown swears they exist (or was it really in Delray Beach, FL?), I am convinced that the real "law" in Vegas are in the form of Casino pit bosses. Think about it...They are the only bodies in the city that actually put fear in anyone, they are almost always obied, and they never smile...

4) I had a blackjack dealer complain to me that every guy thinks she's a "working girl" when she goes out. I told her not to take it personally... When you mix testosterone and Las Vegas air, some kind of chemical mirage occurs where ANY woman under 50 looks like a "working girl"... Perhaps it's just wishful thinking for fellas, but it happens. I have friends that NEVER approach women without a clear indication that she is interested...but when they come to vegas they somehow find the courage to approach random women. I firmly believe because they imagine this so-called "mirage."

Final thought on Vegas is that I think the city finally has some smart people in their marketing department around the "whatever happens in vegas stays in vegas" theme....but this is a new thing that they actually stole. When coming up with city nicknames, they were the perfect fit for "the city that never sleeps," but New York had already taken that name...I love New York, but I think Vegas really deserves this title... Whatever ... I'm still going back even though they got stock with "Sin City"

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Lee said...

On my last trip to Vegas I was drinking at the Mandalay Bay hotel bar at 4 AM. I had just left the packed bar Rum Jungle and wanted to have a drink in a bit more relaxed environment. ½ through my Vodka Tonic I realize that all the girls at the bar are really, really hot. Really hot… especially for 4 AM. Then a series of progressively hot girls sat down next to me, made nice conversation for about 10 minutes, then asked if I wanted to “party”. I replied “For Free?” each time, then politely said “No” as soon as I learned a monetary exchange was required.

As each dejected girl walked away, she would be replaced by someone else who was equally, if not more, attractive. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a “Pimp” (a Spanish / Mexican looking guy, maybe 24, no gold crown or platinum teeth) egg a girl on to go over and talk to me. I was very disappointed at this, as I was always under the impression that Pimps wore “Gold For The Honeys, Green For The Money”

On a certain level I enjoyed rejecting a series of extremely hot chicks, as I had never been in that position before.

Eventually I grew tired of being asked “So do you want to party (nudge, nudge, wink wink)”. I walked outside the casino and hailed a cab. On the way back to my hotel (Harrahs) I told him of my “Bar Bordello” adventure. He proceeded to give me a stack of “business cards” and “menus”, each with a photo of a girl and a phone number. I half expected them to guarantee delivery “In 30 Minutes or Less”

Vegas Baby. Vegas.

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