Alonzo Mourning

After about 2 months from being traded, the Toronto Raptors today announced they have agreed to buy-out terms with Alonzo Mourning...Speculation has Zo returning to Miami to play with the Heat for a title run... I have 2 thoughts:
1) Why did Toronto trade Vince Carter again... ? For Eric and Aaron Williams (no relation) ?
2) Should the Heat really have strong interest in Zo ?

The first thought, I couldn't care too much about... Yes, VC has stepped up his game as of late - but wasn't of much value to the Raptors - as management obviously just wanted him out...

The second thought is of more interest to me, being a Heat fan since 1998 - I obviously love what Zo stands for, but I'm not expecting the Zo of old to appear. Although I was a bit bitter when Zo went to New Jersey to get one last payout, I'm hoping he comes to the heat and plays a role. 15 - 20 minutes a game, grabbing boards and giving Shaq and Haslem some breathers. We shall see how the story on-folds...

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