Wade County Forever

Tonight ... my favorite athlete of my lifetime will play his last NBA game.

Dwyane Wade came into my life in June of 2003.   This is the same month that I started dating my wife and the same month that I received an offer to join Google.  In retrospect -- it was a life-altering month!!

I've been a Heat Lifer since day 1.  I was at the first ever Heat game in 1988 (where I can still name the starting five), suffered through their 0-17 start and beginning miserable years.

Enter in D.Wade in 2003.  His game was explosive and his fearlessness was magnetic.   I was an instant fan boy.   In 2006, I attended Game 3 of the NBA Finals in Miami and this will be a lifelong memory.  Miami was down 13 with 6 minutes to go.  My father looked at me and said "Let's go" ... It's one of the only times I remember punching my dad (in the arm) and I said "hell no -- you gotta believe" .... and the rest is history ... D.Wade led a comeback to win that game and the 3 games following to win the first ever Championship in Heat history.  It was so rewarding after 18 years of being a fan of a team - to finally win a championship - and that was delivered by D.Wade - no question.

Over the years - Dwyane Wade more firmly cemented his place as my favorite athlete of my lifetime on the court (Big 3) and off it.  He's such an amazing role model as a father and advocate for the less fortunate.

I am not alone in being a true fan of #3 and it brought me great joy to see more Heat fans in MSG last week than Knick fans.   I'm so happy that my kids got to see him live before he retired!

I truly appreciate the opportunity to watch Wade over the last 16 years and will never forget the impact he's had on my sports POV.  

Best of luck -- Wade County Forever!!

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