Announcing My Retirement From Basketball

Since I was 5 years old - I've loved the game of basketball.  It was my fathers favorite sport and at the time we lived in Los Angeles - it was 1982 - APPEX of SHOWTIME.  We went to games and I fell in love.  My father (who played college basketball) loved it too.  I was into almost all sports but basketball was the only one I cared about watching at such a young age and I played it whenever I could. 

I went to summer camp at age 9.  I still remember my father telling my to-be counselor at the time (who turned out wasn't even my counselor) to help me strengthen my left hand dribbling...  I thrived those first few years at camp - and even my friends will tell you that my prime basketball playing days were when I was 11 or 12.  I was the "go-to" player as an 11 year old. As the years went on - I found my role as a "high-IQ player" who understood the game, hustled, rebounded, played solid defense, was a good passer, but horrific outside shooter and even worse foul shooter.  As I approach 40 ... that's still my game.  People say they enjoy playing with me because: 1) I'm not a liability on defense, 2) I do the little things, 3) I don't care if I shoot the ball a single time in a game.

I still love the game of basketball and I very much enjoy playing.  I'm not someone who needs to win every game I play - but moreso just enjoy the run...Until recently when I felt like after I played I was just relieved when I escaped a game without injury.  About a year ago I got plantar fasciitis, which is basically extreme heel pain and there isn't a nea-term fix to it that I'm aware of.  I've taken 2 cortisone shots - and neither had any effect. The last 3 times I've played, I literally have trouble walking for 3 days - it sucks.  It's made playing hoops just not worth it.

So - until further progress on this front - I'm going to refrain from playing basketball for the time being.  I'm calling it a "retirement" because that's more dramatic, but I'll need to find a light-weight activity that I enjoy more than running... 

Thanks to mainly my Wah-Nee alum for keeping me active in regular hoop run cadence.  Here's hoping my retirement doesn't stay permanent. 

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