The New-Look Miami Heat

If you're a friend of mine at all, you will know that I'm a rarity:  An original Miami Heat fan.  I can name the entire roster of the inaugural 1988-89 Miami Heat. It's been my favorite sports franchise of my lifetime - and 2006 was an extra special year for me (and not only because it was the year I asked my wife to marry me)....

It's unfortunate that everyone (myself included) has met their "Lebron" quota for a while -- but I wanted to take a second to document my thoughts of the new look Heat...

For starters, it's such a weird feeling for me.  The Heat have NEVER been the true favorites in the NBA.  They've been contenders and one-time champions ... but they've always casted a heavy shadow of doubt for it's fans...  Regardless if the new trio works or not (and I'll get to my thoughts on that soon) - they will be the "NY Yankees of the NBA" for the next few years.  The team that everyone outside of Heat fans will vigorously root against and frankly I'm not used to that with them or for almost any team (Michigan is like that in Football I suppose - but they've won one National Championship in the last 20 years ... so ... it's a little different and tempered for sure).

When D.Wade and Bosh announced earlier in the week - I was PUMPED.  I never imagined that they'd be joined by the reigning MVP and so my brain is honestly still processing what just happened....

At first glance, how can I not be happy?  Seriously!  In watching every game of my favorite franchise, I will get to watch arguably the best and most exciting 2 players in the league - plus Chris Bosh who is arguably the best power forward in the league... I've read almost every writers opinion on why it won't work -- or what a jack-ass Lebron made of himself, but here are my top take-aways:

  • Anyone who says that "there won't be enough balls to go around" is making super-star generalization and doesn't know Lebron or Wade's game at all.  Neither of them actually NEED to be 30 PPG guys.  They are just a true superstar and realized that in order for their teams to win games - that's what they had to do.  Season stat averages do not mean anything to either of these guys!  They are arguably in the top 5 in the league in Basketball IQ - and I honestly think the number 1 reason why they decided to join forces was because they both enjoy "the right way" to play the game rather than the new-school 1:1 game -- and that's why they decided to join forces.
  • Lebron wasn't happy in his old job.  He loved it for a while, and then something last season just wasn't right and he wanted a change.  I think I know 2 people who've worked at the same company for more than 10 years.  Why is it any different for these guys? 
  • The way he announced was douchey and very un-Lebron.  I think he was just naive rather than anything else.  People are jumping on him aggressively for it - and that's fine - but the guy is 25... Let's settle down a little bit people...
  • I'm so excited to watch these 3 guys play together - I can't even explain it - but for those that know me - this will resonate:  I am more excited for The 2010-2011 Miami Heat than I have for 2010-2011 Fantasy Football.  (Note:  This doesn't mean that I'm any less excited for Fantasy Football - it is merely a barometer of my excitement).
  • Three players can't win a championship on their own - but analysts are all enjoying the reasons why the Heat won't be that good a little too much.  The Heat will find serviceable players.  Pat Riley historically can find plenty of no-name role players (U. Haslem, B. Bowen, I. Austin, M. James, A. Carter, etc).... And this doesn't even include Mario Chalmers and Joel Anthony who WILL flourish with the 3 superstars!!
So - that's how I feel today.  I'm sure I'll write more when the season approaches....  THE HEAT IS ON BABY....!!!  Let's GO!

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