The Next Level of Weather Information

Amy asks me to turn on New York 1 (channel 1) at least 3 times a day on weekends. Not because she's a huge fan of Lewis Dodley's monotone delivery ... but because the temperature is always listed on the bottom left of the screen and there is supposed to be a weather report every 10 minutes (except when you really want it - like when the dorky guy talks about his obsession with NYC Transit or "On Stage" are on...)

Anyway - there is something inherently missing from standard weather reports - and it's an idea Amy's had for some time. While it could be a business idea that I'm exposing to the world - I haven't really thought of a way to make money off of it - so if someone can think of a way to do it - and Amy can benefit from it -- then go for it!!

Here's the concept: Traditionally - a weather report will tell you:
  1. The Temperature
  2. Is it sunny, cloudy, or rainy?
  3. Wind conditions (on occasion)
As functioning adults - we then equate these 3 variables into our heads to figure out what clothes we are going to where for the day. If it's 80 degrees and sunny - well then Amy knows she can wear shorts, a tank-top, and flip-flops ... That's easy. If it's 20 degrees and snowing - well then Amy knows she should wear a cashmere sweater, leggings, boots and her "big dog" down coat ... That's easy too...

What I don't think is as easy (especially for women) is when it's 52 degrees in the morning, but could get up to 70 for the day - and it may rain later on ... What should they wear?

My solution is to simply create a large database of clothing options (cotton sweater vs. cashmere, wool pants vs. cotton, etc) and match them up with appropriate conditions (No leather jacket when it's raining, 50 degrees = long-sleeve shirt + sweater, etc) ... You could then match all of the conditions with clothing options to come up with what's appropriate. When the traditional weather reporters gave the traditional conditions - it could automatically be cross-referenced with the appropriate clothing index?

Look - it's obviously not a debilitating loss not having this information - and clearly people have gotten by just fine without it - but I do think people will find it a lot more useful than the current information that's given...

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