Guest Blogger - Amy Taykan (The Future Mrs. Goffin)

Whoever “APPROVES THIS MESSAGE” Should Be Ashamed

I admit I may not be someone involved in the political landscape in a regular basis nor am I one who stays up on all of the issues, but if you have turned on the TV in the past few weeks you can not help but be involved. Mid-term elections are next week and this vote is crucial for the Democrats and Republicans as to who will have control in Washington. Politicians should be in government for the people and to help right what they may feel is wrong to better our country, instead the elections have turned into a mud-slinging advertising war. I am embarrassed that the people who represent us as citizens have sunk so low in the messages they are paying to communicate. The Today Show is even conducting a poll to vote for the funniest and dumbest political ads. I think that says it all. When we vote on the ads before the election why don’t we just turn politics into a weekly reality show where every week another candidate gets eliminated based on America’s votes?

Ad Age reported that about $2 Billion is being spent on these political ads, up almost 18% from 2004. This is a lot of money to talk about one’s opponent and calling them liars, thieves or one ad where a candidate was accused of not returning someone’s phone call. When did we decide to stop focusing on what a candidate can do to make this country better and only spend money to communicate the negatives of their opponent? All of us would be much better served to hear what each candidate stands for on their own instead of trashing their opponent. Way back in my political days (High School) could you imagine a banner that read, “Don’t Vote For “Her” For Senior Class VP – she slept with 4 Football players - and 2 at 1 time -- Amy approves this message.” (Editor's Edit) I think I would have been laughed out of the election. That is how I feel about the current candidates. I can barely tell who is trying to get elected until the final part of the ad says, “I approved this message.” What the heck is this? If you were the one in the ad conveying your platform then you wouldn’t need to approve this negative message.

I hope by the time the 2008 Presidential Election rolls around that politicians can stop acting like children fighting in the school yard and focus on the people of the United States.


Anonymous said...

Wait, so you slept with two football players at the same time Future Mrs. Goffin? Now that's worth mentioning before you're elected.

Anonymous said...

"I approved this message" is mandated by law, as part of the 2002 Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act. Specifically, it is to comply with the so-called "stand by your ad" provision. It was meant to distringuish candidate ads from Special Interest Groups and 527s that pay for ads

Rachel Farber said...

Hi Brett (and Amy!)
It's Rachel Farber from Aman at Turks and Caicos. Tried to find you on Facebook but no luck so hoping you check your blog comments (nice blog btw). Hope you had a great trip back and Alexa was happy to see you.

Meanwhile, a couple with an 11 mos old arrived after you left. And his name was . . . .Bond! I immediately thought James. Stephen thought derivative. Ha. Of course, we both thought of you and figured that you would love the name and Amy might hate it! But you would both find it funny!

Anyway, I am on Facebook (Rachel Cohen Farber) if you want to connect that way. Otherwise, pls keep in touch via email rachel@rachel1.com. We'd like to know when the newest family member arrives and of course, what his/her name is!


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