Ball Park Derby

My buddy Salis and I have a competition of sorts I felt worthy of sharing. Neither of us is the biggest baseball fan in the world - but we both found an intriguing commanality within building a resume of visitied professional baseball parks. It makes for a fun summer "thing to do" (especially with my frequency of business travel schedule and his lack their of business travel). It is with this I thought I'd give an update. Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending my 13th professional baseball stadium (Ameriquest Field) -- towering over Andrews' 11.

For future reference (because I think we've asked each other for one anothers list at least 10 times) here are the 13 stadiums I have been to (in no particular order):

  1. Yankee Stadium (Yankees)
  2. Shea Stadium (Mets)
  3. Dodger Stadium (Dodgers)
  4. Skydome (Blue Jays)
  5. Old Tiger Stadium (Tigers)
  6. Fenway (Red Sox)
  7. Wrigley (Cubs)
  8. US Cellular (White Sox)
  9. Pac Bell (SF Giants)
  10. Camden Yards (Orioles)
  11. Pro Player Stadium (Marlins)
  12. Miller Park (Brewers)
  13. Ameriquest Field at Arlington (Rangers)

Here are the 11 that Salis has been to:

  1. Shea Stadium
  2. Yankee Stadium
  3. Fenway
  4. Old Pittsburgh Stadium (Pirates)
  5. Turner Field (Atlanta)
  6. Oakland (A's)
  7. Pac Bell
  8. Wrigley
  9. US Cellular
  10. Veteran Stadium (Phillies)
  11. Olympic (Montreal Expos)

As we get older, I'm looking forward to visiting ball parks with Salis and checking off stadiums (with or without corporate marketing names) off our list...


Anonymous said...

"Old Tiger Stadium" is referred to just as "Tiger Stadium"...no need for the "old"

The "New Tiger Stadium" is commonly referred to as "Comerica Park"

Anonymous said...

"Old Pittsburgh Stadium" was torn down. The new stadium, PNC Park, is one of the newest and nicest baseball parks in the country.

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