The Move

As many of you know, I moved in with Amy last week. For the majority of people who ask me, "how is it," I can tell you it's been a week -- but it's great.

Surprisingly enough, what was actually "great" as well was the actual move .... NOW ... Before I discuss why, I can firmly declare the following 3 things:
1) I 100% do not have any desire to ever do it again.
2) The next time I move I will certainly be hiring movers and will be directing rather than doing physical labor.
3) Moving causes a lot of anxiety and, as a whole, sucks.

So - why was it great? Well, first of all, it was an experience. I firmly believe that both good and bad experiences create life lessons that in turn make better individuals. I had never rented a uhaul and moved out of (and into) a place before on my own. I'm glad I did it.

Secondly, I realized that my new building has an unbelievable staff of doormen and a super. When I was moving out of my place - there was only 1 of the 2 elevators working. This caused my super to give me grief about moving...(he really just wanted me to give him money for allowing me to move - but I didn't budge). When Amy and I were moving heavy objects, the super and his wife (the usual morning door-person) didn't even get up to open the door for us! When Amy and I got to my new place, we had an elevator waiting for us - and the doorman helped organize some of our stuff downstairs, which made it so much more efficient. Overall - the move made me realize what a better situation I was moving into.

And finally, I realized that my girlfriend is a straight-up trooper. A lot of woman would resist from the second any kind of discussion about moving without paid movers occurred, but Amy was always in favor. She was also the other half of physical labor AND drove the Uhaul van (on her own request even). I appreciate Amy for so much, but the move gave me another way to appreciate her.

[Side note: Uhaul has a shady re-fueling policy that I doubt you are aware of. Like most rental vehicle places, you have to replace the fuel you used, but in Uhaul's case - they start the van with 3/4 of a tank. Why is this? Well, I can only assume it's because most people are too lazy to realize how many miles per gallon they utilize and over-fill the van]

Anyway - Amy and I truly felt accomplished after the move. It went smoothly and it certainly was an experience.

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